Nov 8 2011

11 Cool Facebook Timeline Tips And Tricks You Will Love To Use

Facebook recently  has announced big time changes to persuade the users so much so that they don’t make a shift to its contending social networking platform. We have been hearing a lot about the latest cool new features of Facebook. Clearly, Mark Zuckerberg and his team members are working hard to survive the cut-throat competition posed by its contenders. Remember the Facebook Timeline released just recently? Not to forget the 24 Super Creative Facebook TimeLine Profile Designs. Cool designs they were, isn’t it?

Timeline is a new way of presenting yourself on Facebook. Gone are the days when the users had to settle down with the single column wall of posts and bear the static feeling that all your past updates have.

Facebook users can brace themselves with some cool new changes and revamp their profile pages by following just few simple steps. Well, let me not take the article to the different direction and leave you wondering if I am about to list down the steps of enabling the Facebook timeline design for your profile.

This article is truly dedicated to Facebook Timeline designs but the sole aim of coming up with it is so share with you all the tips and tricks that will enhance the user experience. Facebook‘s new visual ‘Timeline design’ has been greatly applauded for the way it has changed the way of looking at Facebook profile but switching over will need some tips and tricks.  So, get ready to scroll down and read them out.

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1.No more annoying advertisements

Facebook Timeline gives you the option to get rid of those annoying ads that keep bothering up every now and then. Hovering over the advertisement and clicking the “X” that appears at the top right enables you to hide it or hide all ads from the same advertiser. While you click and chose to hide a particular advertisement, Facebook gives you the option to tailor what kind of ads that will appear on your account and you can chose any of your choice.

2. Hiding the sidebar

The users can easily make their Timeline look less cluttered by just hiding the sidebar. Clicking on the arrow icon at the right side bottom will help you collapse the sidebar.

3. Customizing the subscription updates with ease

While one is subscribing to someone’s public updates, Facebook defaults to ‘Most updates’, it is not at all necessary that users have to settle down with this; it can indeed be changed as per the users choice. There are two options to do this; either by going to the person’s profile and clicking the “Subscribed” drop down menu or clicking “Subscriptions” favorites box which is under the cover photo of the user making it easier for the users to get the view of the people they have subscribed to.

4. Different way of viewing one’s own profile

This feature enables users to view how others get to see their Timeline design. Simply click the cog icon under the cover photo and then select ‘View as’. Enter any friend’s name or click on the ‘public’ hyperlink to see how the other person gets to view your Timeline.

5. Customizing the favorites boxes

Also, the users can customize their boxes under the cover photo. The Friends and Photos boxes are fixed. Users need to open the boxes, click on the small arrow icon on their right to move or remove when pencil edit icon appears on hovering. When the users hit on the pencil they get to see the edit options to remove or swap boxes. This way users can easily customize their favorite boxes.

6. Changing the albums primary picture

As you all know the Timeline shows up all the albums you’ve created. There is the option to change the large or primary image without any fuss. Simply click the pencil edit icon and select any image from the album to appear in the big window.

7. Timeline Content

Facebook has the mysterious algorithm that decides the stories to be showcased on your Timeline. Posts that are marked on your Timeline but not displayed are noted by a blue dot on the central line. Simply click on the individual blue dots to view the posts. It includes half-hidden posts too. Clicking on the three blue dots underneath each year will enable you to view all stories within the year. The users can easily sort the posts by years which will be shown up to your friends too.

8. Timeline Design: Hiding feature

The Timeline gives your friends the ability to view your entire Facebook history. This however does not mean that you can’t hide what you don’t want to show. Simply hitting the pencil icon at the top of the post and selecting “Hide from Timeline” will enable you to hide that too by ensuring you don’t lose your content.

9. Featuring post on ‘Timeline’

Users get the option to make certain posts appear larger on their Timeline which can be easily done by clicking the star icon in the top right corner of the post. Also, you can minimize large posts the same way.

10. Private activity log

Private Activity Log helps users review their hidden items from their Timeline whenever they wish to. Clicking on the ‘View Activity’ box under the cover photo and by selecting a type of content from the ‘All’ drop down menu can help users browse all their past Facebook activities that too in an organized way.

11. Poking the different way

Also, Facebook has downgraded the famous ‘poke’ in the new Timeline design. Doesn’t mean you can’t poke anyone. You can do so by heading directly to their profiles. Under their cover photo, next to the Message box, there’s a cog menu which when clicked gives you the option to poke.

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