Top 4 Excellent Google Music Browser Userscripts To Increase User Experience

Google Music Beta – One of the Google’s own cloud music service that was launched 4 months before on 10th May, 2011 was getting positive response from the public. In just short span of time, technology blogs are comparing Google Music Beta with already two big giants already doing good in this zone – Apple iTunes and Amazon Music Cloud.

Since the day Google Music Beta launched, users were finding to add more new features in this new service other than Google has provided by default such as listen recently played even you are offline, your created playlist will be synced on mostly every platform, service can mix your playlists according to your moods and many other features that will make you fall in love Google Music Beta.

Even after 3 days of its launch, we created an article on How to use Google Music Beta on Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch that really helped users to open and use Google Music Beta on their iOS devices.  A few days ago I was using Google Music Beta and suddenly one thing strike in my mind – “What if I can download songs from Google Music Beta I am listening too?”

So,I started to find out some work around on the Internet that will help me to download songs from my Google Music Beta account. A few hours of research, I was able to find out an easy Greasemonkey Script and you won’t believe I ended up with few more userscripts that will add some excellent new features to Google Music.

These are some simple browser userscripts which are created by great hackers that will add new features like download songs from Google Music, use Last.Fm with Google Music Beta, view lyrics of currently playing songs, etc.

All these userscripts working fine when I am using in Firefox with Greasemonkey. However, I haven’t tried them on Chrome but I am sure it will work flawlessly but you many experience some variations in the result.

So, if you too love Google Music and want to add some powerful features to your account, check out 4 Browser UserScripts user can install to add excellent new features to Google Music Beta.

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1. How To Download Songs From Your Google Music Beta Account

Just intall this user script that will give you link to download the current playing song in Google Music Beta. You will see a down arrow button to the left of all buttons.

If you are not able to see the download button, just refresh the page and you will see it now. The download file will be called “stream.mp3″ when you press the button to start the download.

2. How To Use Last.FM With Your Google Music Beta

If you are a fan of Last.FM and want to use with your Google Music, there is a simple browser userscript that will allow you to scrobble songs played on Google Music Beta. Just install the userscript from the above given link and you will see the options as image shown in the below image.

Just sign in with your account and you can record your favorite songs after that easily. You can also check the above link for a detailed installation process.

3. How To View Lyrics Of Currently Played Songs In Google Music Beta

This is a very useful browser userscript specially for those people who like to listen music of different language or it can be useful when you are listening rock songs sometimes. Whatever the reason be, it is always great to have lyrics handy.

This script does the same and adds a panel on the right in Google Music Beta for lyrics. Lyrics are fetched from and automatically populated whenever you change songs. If you want to to alter the script to work with other Lyrics websites – it won’t take too much time.

4. How To Remove Stripes From Google Music Beta

I don’t know why I include this userscript in this article as it is not useful or will add any new feature to Google Music Beta. It’s just that I don’t like the hell lot of diagonal stripes floating on the Google Music website.

If you too don’t like them, this script is specially made for you. Just install the script either with Stylish or Greasemonkey and you will get rid of those damn irritating diagonal stripes.

If you know any other browser userscript that will make increase user experience while using Google Music Beta, do let us know in the comments section below.

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