Aug 22 2011

Top 5 Free Browser Based Tools To Record Your Google+ Hangouts

With the promising features that somewhat speak out loud for its uniqueness, Google+ has entered the social networking group to give strong competition to its already existing social communicating tools. The cool new features that were missing in other social networking platforms have made it the choice of millions and the fact is that there is slight shift of users towards the all new Google+.

The article ‘Everything You Need To Know About Google Latest Social Network : Google+ Project’ certainly made you well acquainted with the Google’s new venture named Google+. Hangouts that enable up to ten people to group video chat was talked about in the article along with other cool features that Google+ offered.

I’m sure lot many out there have already started using the Google+ Hangouts feature. Isn’t it? If you are using it you might have felt the need of recording the videos for future reference. The Google+ itself doesn’t have any built in option to do so, but then that does not mean you just can’t record the Hangout videos.

Quite possible, people at Google might be planning to add this feature too in Google+. For now, let’s check out best tools available to enable you to record the Google+ Hangouts. Take a look at the 5 quick and simple browser-based options to record your Google+ Hangouts.

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1. Pixetell

Pixetell is a free screen recorder, Webcam recorder and screen capture tool that is easy to use. Pixetell makes it easy to convert your recordings to standard video formats and upload the same on YouTube. Once you download Pixetell a small back icon appears on the top of the screen.

To record you simply need to click over that icon and select record screen, thereafter it automatically selects the most forward window that is open (it can be adjusted by clicking on another window or by changing the record box).

Pixetell with the help of the round menu bar displays the pause, stop button to the users. While recording, the video gets minimized to tiny timer and when it stops, the Pixetell player window opens up to enable direct uploading of video to the YouTube.

2. Screencast-O-Matic

Screencast-O-Matic is the original online screen recorder that lets you do the one-click recording from your browser on Windows, Mac, or Linux that too free. Once you hit the start button, you can resize the window the way you want to record the hangout. Once the recording is finished, you simply click on the red button to stop.

The free version limits the recordings up to 15ins. On completion of the video, you can download it to YouTube or whichever network you wish to.

3. Screenr

Screenr is a smooth web based screen recorder that lets you create and share your screencasts around the web. You simply need to click the record button, capture your screen and voice thereby sharing the link.

The browser based recorder lets you resize the recording window to suit your style. After recoding the video you can add it to YouTube and embed the same to the website where you wish to upload.

4. ScreenCastle

ScreenCastle is one cool unlimited service that lets you record the entire screen or change the size of the recording box by adjusting the pixel dimension.

The ScreenCastle will tape from the moment you hit the record until you stop the record, thereafter asking you to upload the video in the website by directly clickinh on the link, or copy the embed code or you can direct link to the FLV file. ScreenCastle also auto-generates a preview image from the use footage.

5. BB Flashback Express

BB FlashBack Express can record high frame rate, high quality movies without affecting PC performance. This free screen recorder exports to Flash and AVI formats. It records the full screen and once the video is recorded the clip can be viewed in the player. Also, you can upload it in YouTube or other networks depending upon your choice. The best part is that there is no time limit for recording.

So, Google+ users, which of the above mentioned methods will you opt to record Google+ Hangouts. Stay tuned in to WebTabLab for more on Google+.

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