Sep 22 2011

9 Amazing New Features Of Google+ That You Will Surely Love To Use

In today’s cut throat competition, one needs to work hard on USPs so as to stand apart from the crowd and persuade people to opt it for other competitors. Take the example of Google+ which has posed a strong competition in front of already existing social networking platforms with unique features that are somewhat missing in other competitor groups. Undeniably, the aim of all social networking is same but then it’s the persuading features that magnetize the users to check it out and start using.

Almost every one of us is well acquainted with the Google’s latest venture, if not completely then I guess atleast you have heard about it. You got me right! Here, I am talking about the latest social networking platform well know by the name Google+.

It however won’t be a news for you all that Google + in its initial stages wasn’t available to everyone. It can be rightly said that Goolge Plus is still in its infancy. In the quest to make improvements, the team is continuously working on it and making efforts to enhance its features. The latest news about Google Plus is that it has open up its doors for anyone to sign up who is 18 years old or older. Yes, it went from private-invitation only feature to beta.

Don’t take me wrong for just updating you with this simple news. Another good news from Google is that it’s already released but with cool new features that the users would certainly love. Listed below are 9 amazing new Google+ features. Check them out!

Google has unveiled good number of new features for Hangouts, Hangout from a mobile device. Google+ Android app updation (an update to the iOS app will be coming soon), ability to go ON AIR letting up to nine other people to still join your broadcast and the list goes on.

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1. Hangouts on Mobile

Hangouts-the video chat feature is now available on mobile (Android 2.3+ devices currently and iOS support is coming soon. With Hangouts on mobile, it is sure keep pace with how you socialize in the real-world.

To get started, you simply got to find an active hangout in the Stream, and tap ‘Join’.

2. Hangouts On Air

Google+ Hangouts enable users to create intimate onscreen experiences with family members, prayer groups but speaking to a large audience was not possible till date. This is the reason Google came up with Hangouts “On Air” feature ((live broadcasting), which allows any Google Plus users to tune in and watch.

You simply got to start a normal hangout, and you’ll see an option to broadcast and record your session. Once you’re “On Air,” up to nine others can join your hangout and anyone can watch your live broadcast. Currently there are limited number of broadcasters, but any member of the Google+ community can tune in. Isn’t it cool!

3. Hangouts Screensharing

Furthermore, Hangouts now offers screensharing for you to show off your vacation photos, high score, lesson plan or whatever on your screen.

4. Hangouts Sketchpad

The latest added feature among others is Hangouts Sketchpad to let you draw, doodle or just scribble together

5. Hangouts Google Docs

Hangouts Goolgle Docs is perhaps the killer app which will open up the possibility of live collaborative work once Google Apps accounts get access. With it you can write, plan or present something with others.

6. Named Hangouts

To let you join or create a public hangout about a certain topic from fashion to music, sports and much more, Name hangouts feature is added.

7. Hangouts APIs

This one is for developers, following last week’s initial opening of the Google Plus API, is the opening of a Developer Preview of the Hangouts API, which will enable the third-party developers to implement the same basic set of capabilities as the existing YouTube integration uses and much more.

8. Search in Google+

Yet another cool feature added is native search to Google Plus, which will turn up Google Plus content along with the stuff from around the Web for easy sharing. With more than 1 billion items shared and received every day, the Hangouts search will connect people through their posts on Google+.

9. Huddle as Messenger and Photo sharing

Other notable thing worth mentioning is the rebranding of Huddle as Messenger and photo sharing. Google has announced the death of Huddle which is reborn as Messenger, and threw in photo sharing too. Messenger will be available for Android and mobile web users and is named as Mobile Plus. The users will get SMS support for posting, notifications, and group messages. Mobile users can change profile photos and customize notifications when they want to. Great evolution!

Bonus Features

Playback user uploaded videos not just YouTube videos in your stream and share videos that have been uploaded via Instant Upload (Android only).

10. Receive and participate in Messenger, post to Google+ and receive Google+ Notifications via SMS.

11. Anyone can sign up for Google+! No invitation required.

12. Open Beta: This means invitations are no longer needed.

13. Set your profile photo from any photo of you on your phone, tagged of you or in the cloud because you express yourself anywhere, at anytime.

14. +1 comments and see who else +1’d a comment (coming soon)

15. Move your Google+ app to your SD card (Android only)

16. Improved +Mention support

17. Granular push notification options so that you see just what you want.

If you’re already using Google Plus then get ready to enjoy these amazing new features. In case, you are still planning to signup, visit, join the project and connect with the people.

Aren’t these new Google+ features the exciting ones? These, surely will give users a good reason to make a shift. Share your views with us by dropping in the comments below.

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