Everything You Need To Know About Google Latest Social Network : Google+ Project

A day before yesterday, Google announced the next stages of its major social project called Google+ project or Google Plus. You might have seen a black bar appearing on the top of the Google.com and invites itself to show everyone in style that something big is coming from Google. Yes, you are right, Google+ project : a mysterious social service that Google has been working from quite a long time.

A social project that is led by Vic Gundotra and Bradley Horowitz that has been tried to hide from us and we thought that it is least of interest after some time. But, it is real and really big that has been put after great efforts of top engineers over a month under total secrecy.

Google’s new Google+ social network is still under “limited field work” and available only through invitation. According to Google+ webpage -- they are testing the product with a small number of people and it will soon be available for everyone. If you too want to test the new social network, just leave your name and email address and you will be notified soon about your personal invitation.

Till know, we had given you a brief talk about Google+ social network from Google but I am sure you must be thinking that “What is Google+ actually about and how it works?” So, let’s quickly see What is Google+ is all about?

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What is Google+?

Google+ is a latest offering from Google company in field of social networking that includes a different types of services called Circles, a personalized newsfeed type service called Sparks, Hangouts for Group Chat, Instant Uploading features from mobile , Huddle and much more. I will tell you about all these services in detail in later part of the article.

If we talk more about this service in depth -- Google+ project emphasis more on user privacy rather than Facebook and Twitter universal openness. This service will allow you to create specified groups easily, share and view content from your explicitly group of your contacts and no one else. It is very easy to use and if anytime you want to share your content in public -- thats really easy too and well designed.

I think after huge fail of Google Buzz over privacy issue, this time Google has put their best effort to built an attractive, smart, very strong social service -- Google+.

Ok, you got what is Google+ all about and now its time to check “How exactly Google+ work and what it offers to users?

How Exactly Google+ work and what it offers to users?

Google+ is part of Google network sites and after when it is fully rolled to public -- you will gonna see +Mark on a black bar followed by Gmail, Orkut, Calendar, Reader and other sites. In Google+ you will always see four icons at top of the screen : Home, Photos, Profile and Circles.

Yesterday, I got an chance to use Google+ and below are some things that I have noticed after few hours of using it. The service is attractive, intelligent and fun to use mostly divided to into five broad categories or we can say that five single service that together make Google+ project. All these services have their own set of features and own functionalities. But, before talking about these fundamental parts of Google+ -- the first thing you will notice is Profiles.


When you first use Google+ -- it will know a little about you. If you are already any of Google service user -- there are chances that you have already filled your Google profile. Then, every information field has a privacy dropdown box attached to it -- you can set your own privacy levels with each of your created circles or on the Web.


We all know that every relationship is not created equal. We had different groups in our life such as family, friends, college friends, office colleagues or people with same interest. But, in today’s online social service there is a common problem that puts everyone into ‘Friends’ tag and sharing become pain in the ass.

Google+ Circles knows it very well and makes it easy to put your friends from office in once circle, your family in another and your school or college friends in a circle all of his own. The Circle creation user interface is really very easy to use and interesting. You just have to drag contact cards into big circles at the bottom of the page and you are done adding your contacts into your favorite groups.

In comparison to other social networks like Facebook or Twitter that has a complex nature of group creation. Google+ Circles is intuitive, interesting, easy and fun to use.

Here’s a quick video tour of Google+ project : Circles


We all got special interests that we always like to follow. Personally, I like to follow about latest tech news, bikes, video games and gadgets. Whenever I see conversations revolving around my favorite topics, I immediately jump into it and share and view information with other same interest persons.

Internet is full of great content including photos, videos and articles specifically on our favorite topics. And great content might lead to the great conversation. But, sometimes its too hard to find and share the topics which we like. So, to solve this problem -- Google+ built an online sharing engine called Sparks.

Google+ Sparks delivers a feed of highly contagious content from across the Internet. On any topic you want, in over 40 languages. Simply add your interests, and you’ll always have something to watch, read and share—with just the right circle of friends.

Here’s a quick video tour of Google+ project : Sparks


Mostly everyone in this world enjoys hangouts with family and friends. This is the best thing to recharge, reunite and spend precious time with our old friends and family members. So, Google created Hangouts -- a killer service and so far my favorite that use Google’s video chat for group video chatting.

Google+ Hangouts allows up to ten people to group video chat and anyone can launch it. When someone launch Hangout, it will show up in the his/her stream and anyone can join the conversation. In that way, you don’t have to start the conversation on your own and you don’t gonna feel awkward when someone doesn’t respond for any reason.

Here’s a quick video tour of Google+ project : Hangouts

Google+ Mobile Apps : Instant Upload

Almost everyone carry smartphones these days -- it will make you available everywhere and help you to stay close with your friends and family. That’s why, Google+ has focused on things that make mobile great -- GPS, camera and messaging.

One such feature is Google+ Instant Upload that helps you to automatically adds your snapped pictures to your Google+ account with your permission in a private album and you can share it with anyone in just one click. To use this feature, you phone has to run Android version 1.8 and above.

The best thing which I like about Instant Upload is Google hasn’t put any restrictions on the number of albums, file size or the no. of photos. It will only resize photos over 2.048 to 2,048 pixels which is pretty acceptable. When it comes to video uploading, it has a restriction that limit uploaded video to just 15 minutes but even Google+ allows up to 1080p resolution leaving Facebook to think that only allows 200 photos per album and 100 photos per mobile albums. Even, video uploading is restricted to 720p resolution in Facebook.

Here’s a quick video tour of Google+ project : Instant Upload

Google+ Mobile Apps : Huddle

Text messaging works mostly when you have to decide a schedule with one person at a time but it becomes pain when you are trying to get six different people to decide on a movie. So, Google+ creates Huddle (kind of blackberry messenger for Android devices) -- a group messaging app that lets everyone inside the circle what goings on and call everyones into one simple group chat at one place.

Here’s a quick video tour of Google+ project : Huddle

That is all about Google+ and what it will offer to its user in the future. Now, the last part comes which we often called conclusion or the bottom line.

Conclusion about Google+

As we told you all about Google+ project so far containing Circle, Sparks, Hangouts, Huddle and Instant Upload, you can expect to find some bugs and rough edges but Google Top engineers are working on that with their full dedication.

However, we can understand that every service in the start contains few bugs but we are trying to discuss something else here, i.e. future of Google+. We have already seen that Google has never been so good with social network. Think about Orkut which was a hit in past is seeing its last days while Google wave was great service with huge potential is already shut down by Google.

One recent example is Google Buzz which has been flopped too after huge privacy concerns. But, after using Google+ for more than 4 hours, I personally liked it very much because of its interesting features that are not new in social networking but done with a style.

Unlimited photo sharing, group video chat and messaging is a great initiative by Google+ project and even site has a nice user interface using blank space effectively. Though, Google+ in its field trial, they can built some more innovative feature to attract people from its major competitor Facebook. For some users, might be Google+ Instant photo upload feature, Hangout, Huddle can do the trick.

Google has a large base of users, the only thing they have to do it put their best effort, bring innovative features, clean UI and fun to use social networking site for its users. Google+ is looking great and let’s hope it will get more polished by the time of its real launch.

Last but not the least, check out the quick video tour of Google+ project.

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  • Interesting write up, Yogesh, I’m looking forward to trying it out…

  • Hi Yogesh, I got my invite yesterday and I can’t wait to experiment with these features. I have a question – now that I’m in, how do I invite my friends?
    Thanks and have a great weekend!

    • Hey Ileane.

      Thanks for dropping by. Well, let’s come to your question. When you open your Google+ account – you will see 4 icons on the top, last one is circles (click on that) and you will be re-directed to circles directed page where you can find “Find and Invite” option. There you can enter person’s email address or invite your Yahoo and Hotmail contacts too.

      Hope you are asking me the same question. Otherwise, I am coming up an article soon on” How to use Google+ effectively and some privacy flaws you rectify soon”. So stay tuned.

      Have a great weekend too !!

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