Nov 11 2011

How To Track Down Your Lost Or Stolen Camera The Smart Way

Personally, I like photography and anyone who is smart enough to handle the camera in such a way that it leaves every one spellbound inspires me. This one goes for all you photographers out there who just love their camera.

Imagine a day without carrying holding your camera; not because you forgot it or something like that infact I am talking about the worst scenario that someone has stolen it. Pardon me for giving you goose bumps! But then, the fact cannot be denied that you might unfortunately have to face the bad situation.

While good luck of some people might have worked for some of you there might be few unfortunate ones who have been in such a situation and surely they know what it feels like to lose the beloved gadget.

I beg to differ with all those who feel that only cellphones or computers/lappies provide you the facility of tracking it and other gadgets like cameras don’t. Gone are the days when we had to accept the hard fact but in today’s technologically advanced world, we can track our loved gadgets with little bit of smartness.

If that unfortunate day comes in your life when you face the tragic moment of losing your camera, just don’t panic and go online! Yes, you read it correct. You can track your stolen or lost camera online with ease.

These days the cameras have a hidden GPS locator tucked in it. So, if you have your camera’s serial number noted down, you can track it down online without much fuss. Read on to know about the website(s) that enable you to do so and the easy steps to follow to track your lost or stolen camera.

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Websites To Track Your Lost or Stolen Camera

There are not one but two cool websites that promise to help you the best way possible in tracking your stolen or lost camera. If you all know each camera has a serial number that in no case similar to any other camera in fact is unique. The coolest feature of today’s technologically advanced cameras is that they embed the serial number in the images they take.

How serial numbers can help you track your camera?

The person who has stolen your camera definitely will use it and if at all that person uploads some images taken from that camera on to the web, you can easily track your camera by searching through online images.

The serial numbers are usually included in the metadata with which every picture taken by the camera is tagged. Flickr, Photobucket, Google+ and other similar websites retain and record this metadata when the photos are uploaded.

1. GadgetTrak Serial Search

The GadgetTrak Serial Search collects unique serial numbers from the images available on the web and the number has already touched millions. Found solely with the aim to help people track their lost/stolen cameras, the website asks you to enter a camera’s serial number and see if your photos register.

Incase you don’t know the serial number

For all those of you who always knew noting down the serial number could help but procrastinated for miscellaneous reasons of their own, here is one option that can help you track the camera. In case you do not know the serial number of your camera, you can just right click on one of the photos you had taken from that camera and click on EXIF details to look for the’ Serial number’.

GadgetTrak iPhone App

Good news for the iPhone users is that the GadgetTrak has an App too that helps you track your iPhone by capturing a photo of the thief using the iPhone camera.

2. StolenCameraFinder by Matt Burns

StolenCameraFinder also requires the unique Serial number. You can also track your camera incase you don’t have the serial number. All you have to do is drag and drop a JPG photo taken with your lost camera, and Stolen Camera Finder will hunt for any matches on the web using the image’s EXIF data.

Incase you don’t have pictures taken from the stolen/lots camera

You need not fret if you don’t have any picture taken from the camera to drag and drop? Manually enter the serial number. Also, you can locate the serial number on the original box the camera came in, or on a guarantee/warranty certificate.


Bonus Tip:

These websites not only help you track back your camera instead you can use these services to see if anyone is misusing your images on the web without your consent.

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