Nov 4 2011

7 Things You Should Know About Gmail New Look

The news that Google is all set to revamp the Gmail is not new and we all knew soon we will get to see Gmail in a new avatar. Back in July, Google began testing the new look for Gmail-its web-based email client. And finally the day has come when the new UI is live and available to all Gmail users.

If you are an existing Gmail user, you might have noticed the “switch to the new look” link on the bottom right corner. Firstly, I didn’t bother to click it for the matter of fact that I was facing the time crunch but then somehow i got the urge to check it out so, I thought of giving it a try and see what all amazing changes Google has come up with this time to leave its Gmail users flabbergasted.

Google till date has never disappointed its users. Whenever the new changes have been brought about, undoubtedly they were amazing and quite user-friendly promising to enhance the experience. The revamped Gmail seems to keep up the trend of flattering the users with its cool features.

The revamping of Gmail is done for bringing forward the stuff that matters to you and getting all the other clutter out of your way, bringing you flexibility without sacrificing style or usefulness along with the simple and clean user interface.

Google began rolling out its new look for Gmail this Tuesday which is available for everyone. For now, you can choose whether or not you want the new Gmail but there are rumors that it will be switched over for everyone eventually.

As already mentioned, I have already switched to the new look. So, I planned to jot down the cool new features that Gmail now sports thereby promising to enhance the user experience. Check them out.

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Elastic density

The new Gmail gives you the option to change your density manually in the Settings menu on the top right side; chose from cozy, comfortable, or compact settings as per your heart’s desire.

New High definition themes

To bring you a new set of beautiful high resolution themes with imagery by iStockphoto, the revamped Gmail will look all the more appealing. Go to the ‘Settings menu’ to take another look at themes and choose the one that you wish to.

Streamlined conversations

The new Gmail comes with the feature that makes the conversation easy. Conversation view has been completely redesigned to help you read through your email threads without getting baffled. Also, the users with be able to see profiles pictures for their contacts, so it’s easier to keep track of who said what. We also stripped out as much as possible so you can focus on communicating with your friends and colleagues.

Cleaner Interface

The revamped Gmail has the best features and the smart clean user interface adds to it making it all the more simple and easy-to-use.

Smarter navigation

The navigation in revamped Gmail has been made quite easy. The left keeps your labels and chat contacts in view at all times. Also, you can resize the labels and chat areas if you want to see more, or hide the chat area. Arrow keys can also be used to navigate around the interface.

Better Search

Clicking the dropdown in the search box will enable you to see a new advanced search panel for easier and faster searching. Also, you can opt for the other option that is using the same panel to create a filter from any search in just a few clicks.

Profile Picture

Google’s photo editing applications have been integrated with Gmail enabling you to upload and edit a profile picture.

Check out the video of Jason Cornwell, the User Experience Designer on Gmail pinned below. He explains the cool features of revamped Gmail in his own words.

So, here I come to an end of the list of cool new Gmail features. The new design is easier to use. If you are not ready for the revamped version, you can temporarily switch back to old look by clicking the gear icon in the top corner and selecting the option to postpone switching. Gmail. But, I guess you won’t want to do so. Try it out and let us know if you like it!

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