Oct 19 2011

Other Type of Blogging: Experienced Bloggers

One blog type to consider if you are looking for a blog type is the experience blog. This sort of blog features the experiences of various people either in one area of work and life or in a number of different areas. The blog posts may be written by guest bloggers who have had a certain firsthand experience or the individual writing the blog may interview the experience.

This works well in a blog format because a lot can be learned from direct, firsthand accounts and people have new experiences all the time. Thus there is usually a steady flow of new material. The following are some tips for creating this type of blog:

Consider Type or Types of Experiences

First you need to think in terms of what types of experiences you would like to feature on your blog. Some ideas to consider are practical experiences with things like home remodeling, gardening, or car repair. These practical topics tend to attract a lot of readers who want to get information about the best way to go about these types of activities. Cooking experience blogs are another idea along these same lines. People can tell about their experiences cooking particular dishes and include the recipes. Other topics to consider are travel experiences, career experiences, mystical experiences, paranormal experiences, and experiences with dating and marriage. You might want to start off by considering experiences you yourself have had in some area and going from there. You might also want to offer different blog pages that feature different experience types such as gardening, landscaping, and farming experiences.

Solicit Guest Bloggers

The next task is to find people that have had experiences of the type you have in mind who may be willing and able to write about them in a descriptive and interesting manner. If you are a writer yourself you can consider interviewing these people if they don’t have writing skills of the level necessary for a blog.
To find these people, you can advertise on classified advertising sites, forums, and bulletin boards. Say that you are looking for people to guest blog about their experiences on your site and possible offer them a moderate fee to do so. You can also simply ask friends and associates if they would like to guest blog.

Focus on What’s Learned from Experiences

It’s a good idea to have people focus on what they have learned from a specific experience. After all, in addition to the simple entertainment value of reading about what has happened to others, people like to hear other people’s experiences because they can learn something from it. Thus may be something practical, such as how well various construction or gardening techniques work, or it may have larger moral, social, or emotional implications. Thus if you are writing these types of blogs yourself be sure and focus on the relevant learning.

Use More Noteworthy Experiences

Don’t just accept any old experience as being suitable for your blog. You want experiences that stand out in some way as particularly instructive, informative, and interesting. You can review the experiences people are offering the write about beforehand and decide which ones have the most blog post potential. This doesn’t mean you have to be extremely picky or only feature the spectacular, it simply means that you should use discernment when accepting these pieces.

Once you have gotten several experiences written up for your experience blog, you are on your way. Use ordinary publicizing, SEO, and traffic generation techniques to get people to come to your blog. If you wish to monetize the blog you can put Adsense or some other sort of advertising related to the blog’s content on it. If you have interesting content this sort of blog can get popular quickly.

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