5 Easy Ways To Turn Off New Photo Viewer In Facebook

Facebook – one of the most popular social networking site in the world always come up with the new and exciting features to enhance the user experience. Facebook bought new features in recent times are Facebook Page redesign, Facebook profile redesign and Photo Viewer aka “Lightbox” “Theatre view”. Though, Facebook Page redesign and Profile redesign was mostly welcomed by the a large group of Facebook users and certainly used both of these features to its fullest. But, one feature that comes under a lot of fire is Facebook Photo Viewer that seems to not much appreciated by the Facebook users at all.

Basically, new Photo Viewer in Facebook allows you to browse the Facebook images in a lightbox effect. In simple words, when you click a photo in Facebook news feeds or in album, it pops up an “Theatre” viewer with making all Facebook page in black background.

Facebook has tried to increase the user experience coming up with this feature but hasn’t implemented it well. The idea of browsing images in slideshow style is very nice but lack of smoothness in this new feature makes user more annoying than appreciating it. Even, there is no feature in Facebook that has been liked by every user till now and history shows that many times there are few tricks, apps or extensions that change the things exactly to the old-fashioned way.

If you are the also the one who don’t like the latest feature and want to disable Facebook Photo viewer and get back to the simple display – there are broadly two ways that allows you to get rid of it. First one is the way to disable Photo Viewer in Facebook manually and another one is by installing extensions in your browser. Both of these features has it own drawbacks – manually disabling is annoying while you have to grant access to Facebook profile in the case of installing extensions.

And for now, have a look on 5 easy ways to get rid off new photo viewer in Facebook and if you know any other workaround that is easy for our users, feel free to share with us in the comments section below.

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Manual Way To Turn Off New Photo Viewer In Facebook

If you are a regular Facebook user, I hope that you already know this way to turn off Facebook photo viewer. By the way, if you don’t have any idea, let’s have a look that allows you to turn off your Facebook photo viewer in a manual way. There are actually two ways to do it :

  1. When you are the image page, just refresh the page that will disappear the lightbox and you will the image in the same old fashioned way.
  2. Another way is to remove the “&theatre” word from end of the URL of the image page and photo viewer will be disappear.

Though both these ways are very simple to achieve but annoying at the same time because you have to manually do it for every single page of the image you open.

Extensions To Turn Off New Photo Viewer In Facebook

If you don’t like the above manual methods, I am sharing few extensions here that will allow you to disappear the lighbox in your Facebook photo albums. These extensions are available for all major browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. Let’s check all extension in detail one by one :

1. Facebook Lightbox Killer : A super simple extension which is available for both Chrome and Firefox. Just download it and it will easily disable the photo viewer (theatre, lightbox) in Facebook.

2. Revert Facebook Photo Viewer : Only available for a Chrome users at this time. There are no settings or icons, just install it and it will run silently in the background. After installing the extension, refresh the Facebook page and it will do it task efficiently. According to the developer of the extension, it will not read, transmit or store any of your Facebook data.

3. Better Facebook : It is a free extension for almost every popular browser like Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari. It has more than 75 options that will allow you to make your Facebook experience better and in those option one will allow you to disable Photo viewer in Facebook. Check this article by Better Facebook blog here on how to install and disable photo viewer using this extension.

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