Nov 14 2011

10 Cool WordPress 3.3 Features That Promise To Impress You

There has been lots of hype about WordPress 3.3 lately. The good news is that you won’t have to wait for long; just a few more days and you will be made available the latest version of WordPress. Keeping the trend of releasing major updates after some span of time when its preceding one has become the choice of millions, WordPress is all set to launch its 3.3 version. WordPress 3.2 as you all know came up with the amazing features, its latest version promises much more.

A few days back, WordPress lead developer Ryan Boren announced that the first beta is ready for testing on the on the blog. So, all those of you who were anxiously waiting for the latest version of WordPress get ready to know more about it without the need of taking much pain of surfing all over.

If you’re curious enough to know what’s new in WordPress 3.3, this article will do the real justice with the time you spare. From the revamped admin bar to fancy new fly-out admin menus, there are lot many cool features which WordPress 3.3 is endowed with.

As of now, WordPress 3.3 Beta 3 is available for testing. You can expect plenty of bug fixes and improvements. Want to learn about the cool new features of WordPress 3.3? So, what’s the wait for; below I have listed …cool features of WordPress 3.3. Take a look and decide for yourself if you would want to give it a try.

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1. First steps guidelines

For if you are a newbie, this feature is going to be of great help. Right after installing WordPress, a guide will appear to encourage you to make your first important configurations. Also, there appears before the users an introductory text will not just welcome but also show them the first steps on the new CMS.

2. Improved Admin bar

The latest version of WordPress comes with improved admin bar which means it is better than those in the preceding versions. Despite the fact that admin bar is an essential element, the users need to activate it on their own.

3. Fly out menus

To access widgets or sub menus we undergo two steps currently but the WordPress 3.3 comes with the fly out menu option that helps users access the sub menus speedily and with ease.

4. Auto-adjusting Admin dashboard

The auto-adjusting Admin dashboard fits itself to whatever size window/screen to enhance the user experience.


5. Improved multimedia uploader

One of the coolest new features in WordPress 3.3 is the new HTML5 media uploader which is versatile, can use several technologies like standard HTML5 to manage the files and much more.

6. Language packages

In the WordPress 3.3, changing the language of WordPress’ interface including themes and plugins has been made easy. Simply integrating a language installer, the users can make optimum use of this feature.

7. Remove admin warnings

I am well aware of the fact that there are many ways of preventing the admin messages about upgrades and stuff which keeps showing up in between including several plugins and hacks, but with this new version users can disable these messages that won’t appear the very moment these are disabled.

8. Admin Pointers

Admin pointers are the small boxes that are displayed when user selects a menu/link. Comprising of all relevant information regarding the new features, these little display boxes are genuinely of great help.

9. Permalinks Improvements: Post Name

There are many bloggers around the globe who wish to define a custom postname structure for our permalinks as it makes it easier to remember the posts and evade unnecessary parameters (day, month and numeric names for permalinks). The WordPress 3.3 comes with this one notable feature helping bloggers make this structure permanent. The new WordPress 3.3 sports all favorite permalink structure along with post name as a separate option.

10. Performance Improvements

The admin area in WordPress 3.3 has improved a lot in terms of performance, widgets, features and much more. After helping you all get well acquainted with the cool new WordPress 3.3 features let me ask you what you think. Share your views with us by dropping in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

For those of you who are curious to know, the expected release date is November 29th, 2011.

Live WordPress 3.3 Demo

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