Sep 20 2011

6 Major Flaws Of Windows 8 Which Microsoft Needs To Rectify

Recently, at Windows Build Conference in Anaheim, California, Steven Sinofsky introduced the much awaited latest Windows operating system-Windows 8. With the heat of Windows 8 filling the air, there is so much hype and excitement. Revealing the insights of the software, we came up with the article entitled ‘Everything You Need To Know About Windows 8 And Its Awesome Features’  just after it was unveiled.

Hope you all found the article informative and it was successful in making you well acquainted with the all new Windows operating system. Coming to the point, we at WebTabLab don’t just introduces you to the latest stuff in the tech world but also keep you updated with all the thumbs up/ thumbs down the latest tech stuff gets.

As far as Windows 8 is concerned indubitably, it has appealed us all with its amazing new features that were missing in other OS already in the market but every coin has two sides. In this case we can say the good and the bad! By now, we all know well about the good features of Windows 8. It is always good to see the dark side too! Here, we would be discussing about the major flaws that the Windows 8 users might experience in the days to come.

As of now, there are several issues with the usability which might affect user experience. Let’s take a look at the major flaws which need some rectified to persuade people from around the world to choose it as their next OS.

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6 Major Flaws Of Windows 8 Which Microsoft Needs To Rectify

1. No Multi-tasking

The first flaw that is pointed out is the lack of proper multi-tasking or app switching. Yes, we remember pointing out the multi-tasking feature in our previous article on Windows 8 but there seem to be some issue in switching from one app to another immediately. Instead one the users have no choice but to sequentially flick through all the apps to access the app you want to use. Not able to do the multi-tasking with ease is sure to bug up the users.

2. Closing Apps

Just like switching from one app to another can be a major turn off, closing the apps too seem to be the additional factor that would make the user feel about having made the choice. Closing an app should have been a simple process. The only possible way to close a running app in Windows 8 is to free up some memory or do it through the Task Manager available via the Desktop. Sounds bugging huh! We really hope, the final build will include some close button to close an app.

3. Start Menu and Search

In previous OS from Microsoft, the Start Menu Search has always been always easy. Users without the need of going into the lengthy process have to simply type in a key word. But in Windows 8, one needs to right-flick and then click (however the noteworthy point here is that it is limited to only searching apps, settings or files). Still, it is suggested that Start Menu and its search is made hassle-free.

4. Adobe Flash Player

Windows 8 runs HTML5, and is designed to be plug-in free which means YouTube webpages or embeds won’t work out of the browser. However, there have been talks that have made us conclude that Adobe will not abandon its Flash plug-in but is planning to step up the game into HTML5 editing which means Adobe can hold its line of plug-ins with its powerful line-up of software editing tools. Also, there have been reports that clearly indicate Adobe Flash is expected to  be supported under the traditional desktop IE but not on the Metro IE.

5. Rebooting and shutting down

All those who has been using Windows quite well know rebooting and shutting down has been simple enough with the start button. But the latest Windows OS asks the users to take minimum of four touches to reboot or shut it down. Besides the shutdown/reboot button is obscurely hidden in the Settings charm in the Metro System tray. This means you will have to make yourself remember how to turn off the system. Quite possible, the newbies would take some time make themselves use to this bugging process of shutting down/rebooting the system.

6. Start menu-Dead

This probably is the major flaw that is sure to add to the limitation of Windows 8. Windows users have been very much familiar with Start Menu but in Windows 8, the Start Menu has been replaced with the Start Screen; metro tiles, and desktop icons. This is sure to bug up the newbie Windows 8 users and will ask them to acquaint themselves with the new interface which can take some time.

There is always room for improvement! I guess, if the people at Microsoft are reading this, and they wish to keep the core followers and persuade new ones to opt for Windows 8, they should definitely work on these and address these issues to make Windows 8 one of the best user-friendly OS.

Are you the one who has installed Windows 8 Developer Preview. If yes, let us know if you came across any such issue or any other. It’s always good to hear from you. So, share your views by dropping in the comments below.

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