Nov 10 2011

A Detailed Guide To Create Google + Page For Your Brand

Google Plus, we all know is one important latest buzz that has successfully magnetized lot many people. It won’t be wrong to say that Google Plus with its amazing features has distracted the users persuading them to make a shift if not completely then slightly.

Every now and then we keep coming up with the articles related to Google Plus; sometimes mentioning its cool new features, while at other times a comparison of major social networking platforms.

Well, here I won’t discuss how good the Google Plus is that makes it one of the promising social networking platform but then something entirely different and profitable for your business/brand/blog.

Google Plus Brand Page, as the name suggests helps you create a Google Plus page for your brand. No matter how small your business is, you can make the optimum use of Google Plus and generate profit. It is a social networking site that promises to help you promote your brand too.

Don’t fret about how you can go ahead doing this, here’s a stepwise guide to help you do the needful that too in an easy and speedy way. Believe me, creating a Google Plus page for your brand is quite easy. Just follow the simple steps listed below and you will be amazed with the ease with which you do so. Here’s a how to create the Google Plus page for your business/brand. Scroll down for more!

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1. Get Started

To get started you need to sign in to your Google account, thereby heading to Google Business Page ( Click on ‘Create you Google Plus Page’. Also, you can check out the video here to get the clear idea.


2. Pick a Category

From Local Business or Place (suitable for hotels, restaurants, places, stores, services) to Product or Brand (suitable for apparel, cars, electronics, financial services), Company, Institution or Organization (suitable for companies, institutions, organizations, non-profits), Arts, Entertainments or Sports (suitable for films, TV, music, books, sports, shows) and ‘Other’ (suitable if your business doesn’t fit into another category) pick one that fits your business well.

3. Add your info

Enter your business name and website in the respective boxes. Chose from the drop down menu for visibility below (Your page will be publicly visible. Its content is appropriate for) depending upon the nature of your business and category you chose. Next click on ‘Create’.


4. Customize your page’s public profile

Add a Tagline and upload the profile picture then click ‘continue’.


5. Get the word out : Tell everyone about your new page

Click on share on Google +, add your comment and share with anyone (options are available in drop down menu).

6. Finish

Clicking on share and there after ‘Finish’ will help you set your Google + brand page.

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