Mar 29 2011

8 Must Have Internet Explorer 9 Add-ons For Improved Browsing

Undeniably, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have won the hearts of millions for the genuine reason that these come endowed with amazing features that make our task easier. Well, each one of us wants the best of the rest, and when it comes to choosing browser for ourselves, we wouldn’t want to make any compromise.Internet Explorer, the Microsoft browser unfortunately lost its ground and failed to win the hearts of the users when launched first, but then that doesn’t mean the improved versions launched would too fail to impress us all.

Many tech savvy people ditched Internet Explorer for other best options readily available, but when Internet Explorer 9 was introduced, many people loved its cool features and welcomed it. It was after several months of beta testing, the IE 9 was introduced on Windows 7 and Vista.

Speed, privacy, simplicity, cool interface, tracking protection, pinned sites, jump lists and enhanced support for HTML5 all together speak out loud about the inimitability of the IE9 which all together make it a browser worth checking.

A few days back we came up with an article in which we listed ‘10 great features that makes Internet Explorer 9 an awesome browser’. The article made it clear that internet savvy people always welcome new tools but only if they are able to impress them with smart features and IE9 is not an exception.

Today, I planned to showcase the cool Internet Explorer 9 add-ons that will add to the user’s experience of IE9. If you’re the one using Internet Explorer 9 or planning to download it, these add-ons will undeniably make you feel good about having made the choice. Take a look at the 8 Must Have Add-ons To Enhance Your Internet Explorer 9 Experience.

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WOT stands for ‘Web of Trust’. The WOT add-on is a safe surfing tool with the traffic-light rating symbols that show which websites can be trusted and safe for surfing, shopping and searching on the web.




ZoomInto is an IE9 addon that lets the users zoom in on almost any image on a Web page. Its a handy tool for the users if they wish to download a large picture displayed on a page. When you mouse-over an image, a magnifying glass icon appears on the upper-left side. Once you click the icon and choose “ZoomInto” from the context menu and a new smaller browser window pops open showing you the image and tools to crop it or magnify it. Save the image that you have altered and use it the way you want.



Xmarks is a free add-on that synchronizes and backs up your bookmarks across multiple computers and more. Xmarks helps you find the best sites on the web based on what millions of people are bookmarking. Xmarks has versions for Firefox and Chrome too, which means it can download and update your bookmarks on any of the browsers. All you need to do is sign up for Xmarks.



Speckie add on lets the user compose their Webmails, reader comment rants, and Facebook status updates. Its an automatic spell-checker that flags your writing for possible mistakes as you type. Right click on the word to look up for the spelling of a word, search for it on Wikipedia or Merriam Webster and change the spell-check dictionary to another language within this right-click context menu in simple and time efficient manner.


Enterra Download Manager

Enterra Download Manager is a revolutionary plug-in compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer that makes it more efficient to download files. Enterra Download Manager add on is a multifunctional easy to use toolbar that allows you to access files from FTP and HTTP servers via appropriate protocol.


Advanced IE History Bar

Advanced IE History Bar is one handy add-on that gives you a side panel set to the left side of the IE 9 browser window that lists the history of sites visited by you. Also, you can sort the list by URL, title, date visited and number of times you’ve viewed the link. Besides this, there is a search box that helps you find a specific link to the page you wanted to bookmark but didn’t do for miscellaneous reasons.


WebM Video

WebM for IE9 is a free software that enables support for playing videos in Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 on Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Download the addon and enjoy the videos.


Mouse Gestures

Mouse Gesture as the name gives the idea is an add-on that gives IE 9 a mouse-gesture user interface. The addon will enable you to use the mouse to draw shapes or perform other motions to control functions of the web browser.


Well, here I end the list of best IE9 add-ons that will enhance your IE9 experience but there seem to be lot more coming your way. Stay tuned!

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