10 Great Features That Makes Internet Explorer 9 An Awesome Browser

Microsoft – a giant company never unveiled their future projects in details in their announcements. This lies same in the case of Internet Explorer when they first introduced it at PDC on November 2009. They didn’t show much us with just a glimpse about the direction of the development, technologies that will be used to make new browser and few benchmarks it will set in the field of modern day browsers. But, after one and a half year of playing with Internet Explorer, they finally launched one of the most modern browser – Internet Explorer 9 day before yesterday to the public

The final release of Internet Explorer 9 is providing a really great browsing experience and anyone can download it now by heading to this link.

Internet Explorer 9 this time is totally revamped from their earlier version and Microsoft really work hard to make this browser future-oriented. Some of the features incorporated in IE9 is seriously makes this new browser apart from its competing rivals such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

Internet Explorer 9 is truly a modern day browser in terms of speed, security and Microsoft this time put the focus on sites and Web content rather than the browser. IE9 has come up with a a new revamped interface, performance boost up in speed and security, integration with Windows7 and much more.

But, whenever a new thing comes up in the market, everyone hesitates to use it for the first time. Many of friends also asked me the question, “Hey Yogesh, what are your views about the IE9, should I really bother to download the latest version of Internet Explorer?” That time, I haven’t used the browser so couldn’t give any advice to them.

So, I downloaded IE9 the next minute and using it from the last 2 days – I thought to come up with an article that focus on “Is it real worth to download latest Internet Explorer 9″? Personally, after using it for 2 days, I loved the latest release of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and almost loved each and every feature they introduced in IE9.

If you too thinking of download Internet Explorer 9, check our article focusing on 10 great features that makes Internet Explorer 9 an awesome browser. Don’t forget to tell us your views about latest Internet Explorer 9 and whether it is going to be a hit or flop browser in the future.

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1. Completely Revamped Interface

Gone are the days when half of the browsers real-estate is wasted by lot of toolbars and other useless stuff. As you can seen in the screenshot below of Internet Explorer 9, there is a totally revamped interface that is designed from the ground level. It gives you the basic controls you need and puts the focus on your site viewing. The top toolbar consists of unified search and address bar, important navigation buttons, tabs and options button all in the same line to take up very little of browser vertical space. Even, the IE9 top toolbar is more pixel-friendly than chrome. You can resize your address bar as per your need and you can find all your options in one button at the end of top toolbar.

2. Breezing Fast Speed

Internet Explorer 9 is much faster than its previous IE versions and also giving hard time to its competing rival browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. Thanks to hardware-accelerated text, video and graphics speed up performance that makes websites perform like programs installed on your computer. Also, IE9 is the first browser ever that uses video card to make everything faster.

3. Pin Websites To Windows 7 Taskbar

Google Chrome already provide you a feature in which you can create Application Shortcuts by pinning the webapps to the taskbar but Microsoft takes it to another level by having partnership with some sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pandora that will allow you to see own taskbar complete with jumplist support. It means when you drag the URL of any of the mentioned site to your Windows 7 taskbar, it will give you a shortcut adding jumplist choices to the taskbar icon. From there, you can easily jump directly to the site specific tasks. Look at the image below to have a idea – I have taken Facebook as an example.

4. Unified Address Bar

After Chrome, not its time for IE9 that makes it address bar unified – it means address bar is unified box for navigating the site or start a search. As you type the words, it gives you suggestions from your history and bing with inline images. It gone beyond search function with ability to request weather, movie showtime or address right inside the address bar. You can also add any other search engines if you want to.

5. Redesigned New Tab Page

I know this is not a revolutionary feature and you must have seen in Chrome and Safari already. But surely a welcome feature for IE9 users. The new tab page in IE9 is totally redesigned to give a quick access to the sites you visit often and also display that site’s icon, title and a bar to indicate the relevant frequency of visits. You can also reopen the closed tabs or your last browsing session or start a new InPrivare browsing session.

6. Improved Add-on Management

Microsoft integrated a new feature called Add-on Performance Adviser that gives you an idea about which add-on is slowing down your browsers and allows you to disable or remove it permanently to ensure that your browser always loads up fast and runs fast.

7. Much Better Privacy Features

One of the most needed feature in any browser that helps you to protect your privacy in the Internet world. The new tracking protection feature enables you to limit the sites that can track your information when you are online. It means there is a built-in blacklist option than helps you choose certain websites and block them.

8. HTML5 Support

Finally, Microsoft works good to make their browser in terms of Internet standards and supports HTML5. This will allow you to open HTML5 designed websites, video and audio and other HTML5 goodies. IE9 also supports SVG and Canvas graphics.

9. New Download Manager

One another welcome feature from Microsoft in IE9 that allows you to view your files that are downloading through your browser. You will find the option “View Downloads” in the options menu at the end of top toolbar. It also notifies when a downloaded file is malicious or contains viruses. It also helps you to pause any of the download and resume it later.

10. Enhanced Tab Management

Tab Management has been improved tremendously in IE9 as well and now it implements the feature of tab tearing similar to Opera, Chrome, Safari and Firefox. You can easily move tabs between windows by tearing them from one window to another. The best part is after placing your tab in a new windows it won’t reload the page means if you are watching a video or listening to music – it won’t start over again.

Last but not the least, IE9 changed the notification window. Previously in earlier versions, the notification bar appears on the top of the page while in IE9 it will slide up at the bottom of the browser window just like Chrome or Firefox. But, you can continue browsing the sites as it will stay there until you opt to act on it otherwise in previous versions you have to click through popup windows to continue browsing.

Well, these are the most great and important features that Internet Explorer 9 has in its kitty for now other than ton of smaller features hiding under the options menu. So, what’s are your views about Internet Explorer 9? Are these features helps you to take decision whether you are downloading it or not ?

Personally, I am Google Chrome fan from a long time. Though, I like the IE9 very much – it’s fast, clean, easy to use with tons of features but I will still use Google Chrome because it lacks the add-ons which I am used to in Chrome browser. Still, I am going to keep a copy of Internet Explorer 9 in my Windows PC because its much safer than its previous version just lying in my PC.

I would suggest you to download and install IE9 because this is the first time Microsoft has become serious in enhancing the browsing experience of its users. A top class browser in the market that you should download and try one, I am 100% sure you will be amazed by the hard work of Microsoft that they put behind developing Internet Explorer 9.

Hit the image below to download Internet Explorer 9 and have a better, secure version of Internet Explorer.

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  • I am still using Google Chrome 10 but I read about Firefox 4 and IE 9 are closing the gap in speed, IE9 is also optimized for graphics and hardware acceleration and in some tests for online gaming sites it beat out Chrome and Firefox. Still IE9 doesn’t render CSS properly in many cases which can cause sites to have cosmetic defects that render fine in Chrome and Firefox which is annoying.

  • I found IE9 to be as fast or faster then Chrome so I’m using it since its supposed to be safer.

    • Think you will find out it is no safer… and since it still has hooks into the OS… you may want to use Chrome or FireFox. Less of a chance exposing OS related security issues.

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  • === popurls.com === popular today…

    yeah! this story has entered the popular today section on popurls.com…

  • mm… I thought it was Opera which first did the unified address bar and the speed dial thing on new tabs.

  • It is good to know that IE9 has filled the gap with Firefox. If i compare IE9 and Firefox 3.6 then i will choose IE9 for its speed and graphic card support. But from now i am waiting for the Firefox 4, till then IE9 will be the first choice for me. Now come to the Google Chrome, it doesn’t match with these 2 browsers except its opening speed. Even it fails to open Yahoo.com and Delicious.com sites properly. I have to refresh many time to load these sites. So i will give Chrome the last place.

  • So, what makes IE9 a better browser is that its more like Chrome, firefox and Opera? Why not just use the originals? At least they have a track record of innovation, winning and success…

  • IE9 does NOT support html5 very well In particular I find the lack of WebGL, CSS3 Border Image, Web Workers (threads in JavaScript), Application Cache (offline) and File API particularly disturbing.

    Yet again, Microsoft is so far behind, it hurts.

  • Drooling fanboi garbage.

  • The fonts are broken… if the fonts doesnt look right on a browser and you cannot read normally why do you need this browser WHO CARES about speed if you cannot read static text

  • according http://beta.html5test.com/

    IE9 have 130 points
    FF3.6.15 have 155 points

    • according to http://beta.html5test.com/ (400 points possible)

      Chrome 10: 288 points
      Firefox 4: 255 points
      Firefox 3.6: 155 points
      IE9: 130 points
      IE8: 32 points

      Yeah I can see it clearly now, IE9 is soooo much better then the other browser. It blows my mind.

  • IE, PLEASE stop any new release, as web developer, we have one more headache (IE 6, 7, 8, 9, …).

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  • … and what’s with the not working on XP?!

  • IE 9 is simly awesome i was using chrome becouse of its tab page and application but it oftens corrupted i installed internet explorer 9 and i found everything that i want but one thine i want in my browser is a beautiful theme that internet explorer 9 have not yet developed.
    besides all internet explorer 9 is great

  • They could improve IE9 if hovering the mouse over a tab would show the pages benath it. Instead of clicking one X at a time to remove. (I don’t always want to delete 5 pages to get the 6th.

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