May 17 2011

Looken Backup Manager: Best Way To Backup Your Microsoft Outlook Data

Imagine one day you open your laptop/pc to witness the worst scenario that is, the loss of all your valuable data like emails, contacts calendar entries and much more. We are blessed to be the part of technologically advanced world. Undeniably, technology has offered us immense options to help us do our tasks with ease and surely it has lots in store for us which time itself will tell. Without wasting time on predicting what technology will offer in days to come, I would directly come to the point.

While technology has given us the great number of options to do our tasks easily and speedily, we are following the path of success with some fears in our mind. One such fear while making efficient use of technology is the loss of our valuable data.

Microsoft Office Outlook, for example is a great tool that helps you make your task of handling your mailbox easier. The majority of daily business communication is done by e-mail, right? Outlook gives you the option to save addresses, appointments (in the Outlook calendar) and much more.

If you are the one who is making optimum use of Microsoft Office Outlook and finds it impossible to do without it, you certainly fear losing your valuable data. Lookeen Backup Manager created by Axonic, lets you create backups for your Microsoft Office Outlook heave a sigh of relief.

Enabling you create backups for your Emails, contacts, calendar entries, settings, data files, notes, tasks and various other options in Microsoft Office Outlook, Lookeen Backup Manager software ensures total security of your valuable data.

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About Axonic :

Axonic Informationssysteme GmbH, based in Karlsruhe is a company founded by Martin Welker in 2003. The company mainly focuses on information, communication and recognition technologies. In the long journey of around eight years the company has intensely researched and developed within the domain of  ”Communication Intelligence”.

About the Lookeen Backup Manager :

Outlook Backup Manager as the name hints is the backup manager for your Outlook data.  The backup manager is compatible with operating systems (Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7) and versions of Outlook (Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003, create Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010). By simply compressing the individually chosen pieces of information into one single file, the Backup Manager helps the users create the backup without any fuss.

Lookeen Backup Manager : Points to remember

  • The full version has been available since March 2011 in the company’s online shop (
  • For complete security regular backups should be performed.
  • Users should create individual settings
  • Users need to define the important information by prioritizing them.
  • From 2000 to Windows 7, the Looken Backup Manager works with all Windows versions and is compatible with all established Outlook versions.
  • The trial version of Looken Backup Manager is available on the homepage for download and  people interested in getting the license can purchase it from the site shop.
  • Linking the Backup settings to a Windows task,will lead to the creation of regular and reliable backup in the hassle-free manner.

Stepwise procedure of creating backup after downloading (

1. Choose a Profile

Select the profile you want to create a backup of along with the storage location and password.

2. Select data file

If your profile contains more than one data file, you can choose which one you want to back up at first stage.

3. Select Outlook elements

At this step you can decide which elements you want to back up. You can back up your e-mail accounts, conveyance settings, your user dictionary, printer and site settings, and your RSS-Feeds too.

4. Select Backup Outlook options

From the options available, users can chose the backup Outlook options.

5. Select Additional Settings

In addition to e-mail options, you can select other options you wish for.

6. Back up Business Contact Manager, Office and Browser files.

You can save your Browser files like Favorites or safety settings.

7. Back up your ‘My Documents’

You can back up your ‘My Documents’. If you want to back up single sub file folders or single files, you can select them by simply clicking on “+Folder” or “+File”.

8. End the Assistant

Advantages of Looken Backup Manager :

  • It archives the emails, contacts, tasks, notes, rules, email accounts, signatures and browser favorites (IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome) along with the Business Contact Manager data banks.
  • It allows you to basically backup and restore all the relevant Outlook and Outlook data and advanced.
  • Reliable and regular backup, easy handling and hassle-free installation
  • Freedom to decide which files to be backed up, to what extent and if they will be password protected
  • Intuitive user interface features, fully automated backups in self-selected time intervals
  • No fear of data backup security as it offers ‘setting up scheduled automatic backup files’ option
  • Easy configuration with ‘desired settings and linking with a Windows task’ option
  • It can also be used to transfer data between different PCs (Unzip the backup file on another PC and then send Outlook quickly and efficiently with a single click using the backup Lookeen a manager).
  • Offers junk-mail option (letting you create your black and white lists)
  • Ensures security of Business Contact Manager data-Office styles and even complete sentences signatures
  • Option of protecting individual files on the hard disk within “My Documents” folder and adding all the independent files for backup
  • Adjustable maximum backup size (Split Function)
  • Complete password protection
  • Backed up files can be completely or selectively re-imported into the system
  • Ability to extract data files without overwriting existing files
  • The “Approve File Extensions” feature lets you can simply cancel the limitation if Outlook blocks certain annexes in your emails.
  • You can even reset Outlook completely and remove every trace of an Outlook profile from your personal computer.

Conclusion :

To conclude, The Lookeen Backup Manager is an easy-to-use software that makes sure you get rid of those sleepless nights because of Outlook crashes. Using the Backup Manager Lookeen you can backup your Outlook e-mail, contacts, calendar, tasks, notes and more. Buy full version and take full advantage of Lookeen Backup Manager to avoid nightmare of your business data loss. Check out more at Lookeen Backup.

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