Sep 15 2011

Everything You Need To Know About Windows 8 And Its Awesome Features

Microsoft has taken a next step forward and showed off the next generation of its Windows operating system -- Windows 8. At Windows Build Conference in Anaheim, California by Steven Sinofsky unveiled the much awaited Microsoft Windows 8.  Before it was finally launched there were rumors about Windows 8 features that the consumers could expect. A few months back we came up with the article in which we talked about the expected features of Window 8 OS - Top 10 great features that can really make Windows 8 an awesome Operating system.

So, just after the Windows 8 is finally unveiled we thought of coming up with the list of cool features that is sure to appeal you all.

From the option of allowing you to use it in two views that is the ‘PC friendly classic Desktop View’ and the tablet and touchscreen-friendly ‘Metro View’, Windows 8 comes endowed with smart features to offer the ultimate user-experience.

Undeniably, the web world is filled with talks about Windows 8 features but the expected date of release is sometimes in early 2012. Taking in length about the Windows 8 Steve Sinofsky, said it comes fully loaded with ‘hundreds’ of amazing cool features. Here we have listed 22 best features of Windows 8 that are compelling enough to persuade each one of you out there to check it out and proceed further with using it. Hit a jump to read on about the best cool features of Windows 8.

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1. Start Screen

The start screen of Windows 8 is one cool feature that makes it look all the more appealing. You will have the option to set the ‘Metro’ view and the Desktop view. It will enable you to scroll side-to-side for various applications. To the right of the home-screen is the media hub.

2. More free RAM

Windows 8 takes up 281MB to run on startup versus 404MB for Windows 7 which means Windows 8 offers more free RAM than Windows 7.

3. Grouped Apps

In Windows 8, you will be able to categorize your apps into genre or function. During the launch, media, games and social networking categories were showed for the demo.

4. On screen keyboard

Another cool feature of Windows 8 is ‘on-screen keyboard’ that will pop up with the scroll of the thumb. This however doesn’t mean that Windows 8 doesn’t work with mouse and physical keyboard. It certainly does along with this is an option.

5. New Task Manager

Windows 8 brings a new look and interface to what is one of my most used Windows utilities. The new task manager looks great, is easy to read and much more. The task manager enables you to add and delete the programs you want to automatically load at startup.

6. Video player

Yet another cool feature of Windows 8 is easy setting of video player to one’s heart desire. It is easier for the users to change the settings of video player with the collapsible sidebar settings panel.

7. Newly opened tab in Internet Explorer

Windows 8 lets you see the most visited pages and ‘favorites’ pinned to ages. Starting up Internet Explorer in ‘Metro mode’ goes easier in Windows 8.

8. Internet Explorer with on screen keyboard

Undeniably, there is the option of using physical keyboard and mouse but in Windows 8 you can type a web address into Internet Explorer using the on-screen keyboard.

9. Fast Booting

Windows 8 will boot in 8 seconds with new process of putting the kernel session to sleep and not closing it altogether and rebooting.

10. Split Keyboard

For the thumb-typers, Windows 8 offer the split keyboard option if you are used to type with thumb rather than fingers.

11. Touchscreen password to unlock

Windows 7 users know that after setting the password; one has to type in a text password to regain access to the system. Windows 8 offers a neat new password system to unlock the system. When your computer is locked, normally you get an option to unlock via a combination of touches and swipes. While setting up your password, you can choose a picture and then select where on the picture you want to tap and swipe to unlock the screen.

12. Universal Search

Windows 8 comes with a spotlight-style universal search which will let the user browse through the entire system for a search query with ease. The search bar scans through apps including the ones that search online.

13. Refreshing system: Without deleting music, movies or documents

Windows 8 offers convenient and hardware-less way to restore your system without losing your music, movies or documents. Control Panel has push button that activates the system refresh making it pretty convenient.

14. Control Panel

In Windows 8, you will get to see different control panel screen. You can get the idea of how it looks in the ‘Metro view’.

15. Social Network

Windows 8 enables you to view social network feeds in a pane interface. On the screen will appear the news feed pane that’s on the left and the full view on the right side.

16. Lock screen and email notifications

Even if your system is locked, it will automatically show the relevant information like upcoming calendar events and emails on the locked screen. When you lock your system and go away, without unlocking the system you can see if you missed anything while you were gone. The lock screen also displays battery information, time and any messages you got while you were away.

17. Multi-Tasking

You can view two apps or windows at once by simply dragging them together and letting them snap together. For example, you can see news feeds along with videos which means you can stay updated while enjoying your favorite videos.

18. Universal Spell Check

Universal Spell Check is Windows 8 proofs words typed in any application. Yes, this is very much similar to the feature in Lion OS X.

19. Zoomed out view

To see all of the apps at once, Windows 8 offers the zoomed out view feature. With this, you can also move entire blocks at a time closer to the home-screen. Dragging the entire block to the left will enable you to get the zoomed out view.

20. RSS Feed

Windows 8 lets you check the RSS reader in both the display options. You can sneak a peek at an RSS reader in Metro view. It is appealing, easily scrollable and visual.

21. RSS Feed: Expanded view

Also, you can see the RSS feeds in expanded way. Users can scroll up and down within articles or left and right to switch between articles without any fuss.

22. Share Charm

In Windows 8 you can do the sharing in fuss-free manner. The ‘Share Charm’ icon on the start bar lets you share the worth articles/pictures and likewise you want to on your social networking sites. Simply select a piece of text, image, video or the whole webpage and share.

Do you think Microsoft left out any features that could have worked a great deal in making Windows 8 in the days to come. Share your thoughts with us by dropping in the comments below.

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