10 Great Features That Can Really Make Windows 8 An Awesome OS

Windows OS : One of the most used operating system ever developed by Microsoft is creating buzz once again because every other tech blog these days is talking about Windows 8 -- the next big version that can change the future of Windows OS dramatically. I don’t know about the future of Windows 8 but I am quite sure that Microsoft is putting their best efforts to build a OS that makes everyone happy.

There are many rumors taking place about the features of Windows 8 and many questions arrived that “What would be the design for next version of Windows 8, what it will be called ?”

A few months before we came to know, the next version of Windows OS is called Windows Next internally whereas Microsoft developers still call it as Windows OS on their Linkedin profiles. Frankly, for me, name is not that important because its “features” that makes the real difference and make anything better or worse.

There are already a lot of speculations and rumors going around for Windows 8 with many discussions taking place over new features and functionalities of Windows 8. So, I thought this is the best time to come up with an article that shows Windows 8 features that might come in the next version of Microsoft’s operating system.

I have researched a lot over this topic and came up with some great features than can make Windows 8 an awesome OS. All the below details below are taken from Microsoft officials Linkedin profiles, Microsoft official announcements and statements, portfolio of Microsoft India R&D developer, slides leaked by an HP engineer responsible for OEM relations and some big tech-blogs.

I have tried to pile up all pieces of paper together and form a picture that can show us what the next version of Windows OS offers and look like. So, here’s the article showcasing Top 10 great features that can really make Windows 8 an awesome Operating system.

1. 128-Bit Compatibility

Back in 2009, there was a report by PCPro that Microsoft was working on 128-bit compatibility for Windows 8 and 9. This was mentioned by one of the Microsoft developer on his Linkedin profile according to the report. Though, 64-bit operating system was not on the schedule and due to slow computing resources it was not so successful.

Hope that this time, Microsoft put all their developing skills and build a 128-bit compatible Windows 8 operating system and it would be specially useful for those who need powerful computers.

2. Windows App Store

We already know the concept of App Store. Apple was first company to introduced dedicated App Store for Mac OS X desktops and laptops. This time Microsoft is all set up to launch desktop App Store for Windows users according to an article by TechCrunch showing Windows App Store screenshots.

Though, screenshot certainly looks like replica of Mac App Store but usefulness of Windows App Store is more important than the design. If Microsoft really pulls out a successful Windows desktop App Store, it would really be great for Windows OS users because they can get genuine and top quality software for their system.

3. Indication of 3D Support

Francisco Martin -- one of the Microsoft enthusiast posted some presentations slides on Windows 8 that shows the new version of Windows OS might include 3D support. However, Martin’s site is no longer available for access but you can still see some of them at Neowin.net.

You can clearly see that slides containing Multimedia credentials shows that Windows 8 will offer 3D support but we can’t be sure until the new version will be on the floor.

4. Support For Kinect

Kinect for Windows : I am pretty sure many of you out there must be excited enough just like me. It is sure that Kinect for Windows is coming soon and will be available for download in spring according to WinRumors article.

Kinect for Windows SDK sign up is already available for developers and you can download it in spring. Hope to see it will soon be available for end users.

5. Fast Boot up time

This one is the must feature because Windows has always been slashed because of slower boot up time. This time Microsoft working hard to boost up the startup time with a new feature called “Log-off and hibernate” that makes cache system components but shuts down all the applications and reloads the desktop.

I hope that Microsoft keeps an eye on other operating system startup time because Mac OS X, Chrome OS are doing pretty great in this field and has an blazing fast startup time.

6. Tablet Support

Tablet Support also known as ARM support in technical language. It simply means that Windows 8 will run on tablet computers and might be on smart phones in the future as it also confirmed by Microsoft officially.

7. Facial Recognition

Another cool feature, i.e., Facial Recognition that will help you top login on user profiles based on who is looking at the screen. Although, this feature is already available from third-party apps but a native support will be always be great and mentionable.

8. Sticky Notes Arrival

There are rumors that Windows 8 will support sticky notes with some smart features like Reminders, appointments, hyperlinks and more.

9. Multiple Desktops

I am sure this one is not so excited feature for many of you because its available from many years through third-parties apps. Though, Microsoft has developed this feature to another level by introducing some fancy animations when you gonna flip from one to another.

You can easily manage multiple desktops and flips them easily by a short-cut key. Everything is already been on table from many years, we just only can wait and watch to see what Microsoft has got in their kitty.

1o. Design And User Interface

Thats the most important thing that everyone wants to know -- What would be the next version of Windows OS look like? Is it going to be the same user interface or Microsoft will change this time? Well, I don’t think so anyone other than Microsoft officials can answer these questions.

However, there are quite a few speculations that are floating on the internet showing videos and images of future Windows 8 design. I am not quite sure about any of them that they are real or not but they certainly looks awesome and it will be great if Windows could implement them.

A few months before Microsoft Chief Research and Strategy Officer Craig Mundie demonstrated a concept around a bubble interface.You can check the video below to have an look :

A few so-called Windows 8 design screenshots :

After looking all these Windows 8 proposed features, I can say that most of these features are not new and mostly available through third-party apps from quite a long time. But, as I already mentioned above, it would better to have native support rather than downloading software and make it hard for system resources to perform.

However, we should not forget some great features like faster startup time, Kinect support, 3D support, Facial Recognition, 128-bit compatibility that can surely change the future of Windows OS all together. We can only hope that whatever Microsoft should be coming with will be good and useful for the users.

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  • LOL, “128bit-compatibility”? For which CPU? Do you even know what that means? I don’t think so.

    No CPU vendor is currently even thinking about increasing address space, and why would you? 64bit will be enough for at least another 10 to 20 years.

  • “Microsoft is creating buzz once again”

    And if they don’t i sure know who will create *buzz* for them!!!

    128bit+3dredbluglass+bubble interface+compiz+dock+appstore+kinect+tablet


  • Save this blog post and send it again on april first fool.

    128: show me the hardware first. Do you even know what it is? Do you know how much memory you can address with 64bit?

    App store: this would be maketing only, you can put an app store on any OS you want. Apple added it to their existing OS version as an example.

    3d support: already supported provided you have the hardware for it. The picture make me launch are nobody want colorized glasses for that as the quality is far too low.

    Kinect: As you say yourself it will likely be available in current OS version.

    Hibernate: exist already in windows XP !

    Tablet support: Windows 7 is used on tablets.

    Facial Recognition: This is more a gadget than anything usefull for most users.

  • Microsoft is the underdog now…I am still a fan and I hope the company turns things around and create some good competition.!

  • Microsoft is going to implement 10 awesome features in Windows 8… Oh, wait… 6 of those 10 have been present in almost any flavour of Linux for years!, yeah!, the same Linux that Microsoft look down on again and again…

  • Built-in Skype support.. in windows 8 :D

  • Maybe the writer dreams about the “Next”. This article has been written for self-satisfaction.

  • It’s a bummer how people bash Microsoft’s OS. I mean, they’re popular for their eye-candy.
    Sure, they’re copying Ubuntu’s GUI. But hey, Windows 8 can even make the animations smoother and far more detailed than Linux.

    I’ve been using both Windows and Ubuntu for years. But I prefer Windows because of what it can do for me. Viruses aren’t crazy like before. It’s just what you do that makes those things happen.

    I love all 3 Operating Systems;
    Windows, Ubuntu, and Mac.

  • A 128 bit system and 256 bit system (for quad CPU’s) is to be welcomed, but I suggest that Microsoft forget the eye candy and get to grips with prefetch and fast tracking programs for users that have programs used on a daily basis.
    A more useful aspect would be a streamlining of the memory and cashe., an intelligent look at how viruses etc can be blocked and a better faster link up with the internet.
    Anyone who runs Skype regularly will know the strain it puts on the system when running facebook or office.
    We need an operating system that can keep abreast of the ever changing computer world, and microsoft needs to start thinking in terms of modular add ons ., upgrades basic, advanced, and professional that retail about the $40 mark.,
    People are having to cut back on spending over the next 6 to 10 years and if Microsoft were smart they would adapt their marketing to reflect this., allowing the user to buy a module at a time at an affordable price ($39.99) the cake can be sliced in several ways Entertainment, Internet Office Eye candy. so the user can go for the most important module for their use.

  • Intel is planning to make 128bit processors

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